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Feedback (All Plugins) Quick ID Preset (Banner) System

I've been playing around with a bunch of mixing templates and one thing I started to notice was the repetitive motion of importing values for plugins.

I would like to suggest a plugin feature that shows a code somewhere on the plugin itself (somewhere easy to see), so anyone could just input into the same plugin and get the exact same settings.

I just think it would save time.

Korey Creative

Hi Korey,

I'm not completely sure what you mean. Would using preset not cover this issue?

Ralph (FabFilter)


I personally have no use for the feature that Korey Creative is suggesting, but I do want to give an example of a manufacturer who offers this feature: Goodhertz plugins.

For example, here is the feature explained in the manual of one of their plugins: manuals.goodhertz.com/3.10/faraday-lim/#PluginSettings

Best regards,

Uncle Freddie
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