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Julia Borelli

I've been using FabFilter for years now! I love how flexible and easy to use all of the plugins are. My favorites are Pro-Q 3, Pro-MB and Pro-L 2. Pro-Q 3 is my go-to EQ for everything, Pro-MB if my favorite for my kick sidechains and controlling ...

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Julia Borelli

News & updates

All plug-ins updated with bug fixes

All FabFilter plug-ins have been updated with bug fixes for CLAP and automatic VST2 to VST3 migration. This update is free for existing customers and we recommend everyone to update to the latest plug-in versions. What's...

FabFilter Pro-R 2.01 update released

Just one day after the Pro-R 2 release, we are releasing a 2.01 update to fix a crash when selecting a presets on mono tracks. If you installed version 2.00 already, please download and install version 2.01 to make sure...

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