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Q3 Select disabled bands


Sometimes I end up with multiple disabled bands slowing down the flow of Q3. I've found no easy way to delete them quickly.

Is there any way to select all disabled bands? And if not I hope that it might be considered as an update or in future versions 😊

I bet doing the opposite selection (all enabled) could be useful sometimes as well.


Hi there,
I was up to mail your support team in order to suggest you an idea that would be very useful.
But first I checked forum and it hadn't been long before I found the very same request.
Yes, please, could you implement some way to select only disabled bands?
Tweaking, I always end up with no band left but with some disabled bands and I have to search them by sight, which is very difficult and time consuming.
I'm with Isak, please implement this functionnality in a future update!

Thank you

sélim guenniche

Interesting idea. Can't make any promises, but we'll check it out.

Ralph (FabFilter)
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