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download error

No matter how many times I try to download FabFilter Total bundle, it fails.


Hi Ryo,

What OS and browser are you on? Did you try a different browser?

Ralph (FabFilter)

J'ai le même problème, j'ai acheter pro Q3 aujourd'hui et je ne peu pas l'utiliser car quand je télécharge le Total bundle, il ne s'installe pas dans mon Mac.


Our products are plug-ins. They need a DAW to run, and do not work as standalone applications. You will not find them in the applications folder, or as an icon on your desktop. After installation, please run your preferred DAW. Most of them scan for new plug-ins automatically. When your DAW is launched, the plug-ins should appear in your plug-in list. Please insert the plug-in on a track. When you insert the plug-in on a track for the first time, you will be asked to enter your license key, after which a restart of your DAW is needed. After this restart, your plug-ins should work.

Ralph (FabFilter)
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