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Pro R-2 won't run in 9.1.6 in Nuendo?


I am trying to get R-2 (version 2.01) running in full 9.1.6 in Nuendo 13, but both on 9.1.6 FX tracks or 9.1.6. group channels, it wont let me choose the 9.1.6 option - highest I can get is to 7.1.6 from the dropdown menu, while at loading it defaults to stereo.

My goal is to then send it to the Atmos renderer which I have set to 9.1.6.

Anyone got this plugin work in true 9.1.6 in Nuendo/Cubase? Or is that a known bug?

Many thanks!


Hi Jonas,

I just checked, and none of our plug-ins are recalled in 9.1.6 in Nuendo. I just checked VST3 in Reaper as well, and that does load 9.1.6 properly, so it must be Steinberg related. I also noticed that any format larger than 7.1.6 are in a separate folder when creating a track, maybe Steinberg does not support these plug-in formats yet.

Ralph (FabFilter)

Nuendo allows two 9.1.6 variants. The one called "9.1.6" contains Lw and Rw (wide) speakers, and the current version Pro-R 2 does not support that. Instead, create a track with the "9.1.6 ITU" format which contains Lc/Rc speakers. That is the 9.1.6 format that Pro-R 2 expects and supports.


Frederik (FabFilter)


is there any chance Fabfilter will fix this with an update? because in a Dolby Atmos mix you will need the wide speakers, not the ITU norm.

So at this point the R-2 doesnt really work for Atmos? That's not cool.

Btw. I experience the same problem with the L-2 and Q3.



Hi Jona,

When you use Pro-R 2 on a 9.1.6 ITU track it's just the labels that are different, but the processing should work just fine for Atmos.

Ralph (FabFilter)

I tried the 9.1.6 ITU and it did not work. L2 only saw 11 channels

But Nuendo Routing Matrix showed all 16

Kevin Collins

OOOPS My Bad I misunderstood the labels at the bottom being pair based.

Making an appt for the eye DR.

Working correctly for me

Kevin Collins
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