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Fabfilter Plugins Crashing Ableton Live

I purchased the Fabfilter FX bundle a few weeks ago. Since then I have had nothing but crashes in Ableton live. I am working on a project and it's unbearable. My PC is high end and I work in IT so I have a point of reference.

I have contacted Ableton support who read my crash files and point to Fabfilter plugins being the culprit.

I tried disabling graphics acceleration in the registry but did not work.

I have updated my video and sound card drivers to the latest version.

My specs:

Ryzen 9 5900x processor
32Gbs Corsair Dominator RAM
Windows 10
Ableton Live 11.2.6

Windows was recently installed fresh just a month or two ago. I never use illegal software and my system is completely up to date and is only used for music production I'm an IT manager so diagnosing system issues is part of what I do.

It's obvious that Fabfilter plugins are to blame. I just don't know what to do about it. I have a ticket open with support but so far they are not taking responsibility as I hoped.

Ableton support has been fantastic.

Any help would be appreciated. It's disheartening to spend this money on plugins to find they are unusable.

Thank you

John Johnson

Do you use the VST3 or VST2 plugins?


Primarily I use VST3 plugins when available. I have tried to use VST2 though with the same result.

John Johnson

The issue also occurs on ableton live 12 with windows 11.

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