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Pro-L2 A/B settings save

Hey Team FF.

I'm working on a master that require 2 versions, 2 loudnesses.
I found the A/B button very useful here, but just found that when I reopen the project it has only saved whatever state it was in when closed - now A and B are both the same.

Not the end of the world if it's not possible to save both states, but it would be nice easy addition to my workflow.


(osx 10.13.6 - LPX)


Hi JB,

Interesting point. We'll take it into consideration!



Maarten (Fabfilter)

This is true across all FabFilter plugins and is incredibly frustrating, PLEASE fix this! It's so common to end a session with an A/B setting saved with the intention of comparing it with fresh ears the next day, and this erases whichever version is not selected when the session is closed.


Hi Drew,

At the moment it's not possible to save the A and B settings. When you save or close a file the host or DAW simply saves the current state of the parameters. It can't save to states unfortunately.

Ralph (FabFilter)

I second this request!

Please make it so that the state of both A and B is saved and recalled when a session/project gets reopened.

And please also make it that both A and B are saved when you save a preset.

Anything I configure in a plugin should be saved, even if it's "just" an alternative configuration to the currently active one.

It sometimes also happens to me that e.g. A is the configuration I've settled on, but then later I flip back and forth between A and B again just to make sure A really is the one I want and then I accidentally leave it on B and close the session. The next time I open the session and notice, it's too late, my A configuration is gone.

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