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All plug-ins updated with CLAP support, bug fixes and more

Dec 19, 2023

All FabFilter plug-ins have been updated with bug fixes and improvements, including support for the new CLAP plug-in format, upmixing to surround layouts for AAX in Pro Tools, and small bug fixes. And of course, the latest macOS Sonoma is also supported.

This update is free for existing customers and we recommend everyone to update to the latest plug-in versions. So what's new?

Pro-R 2:

  • Added support in the AAX plug-in for upmixing to higher channel layouts, e.g. from stereo to 7.1.2.
  • Added FLAC file support for IR Import.
  • You can now drag-and-drop IR files on the plug-in interface to import them (in addition to going via the preset browser).
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect scale of the output level meters.
  • Fixed a problem that caused importing some types of WAV files to fail.

Pro-Q 3, Pro-L 2:

  • Added support for additional Dolby Atmos formats: 7.0.4, 7.0.6, 7.1.6, 9.0.4, and 9.0.6.

Pro-Q 3, Pro-L 2, Pro-R 2

  • The VST3 plug-in now offers both Dolby Atmos 9.x.x and ITU 9.x.x channel layouts.

Pro-Q 3

  • Fixed a bug that prevented new curves from being added by double-clicking on the background when the dot of a focused curve was outside the visible range of the display.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the band controls to disappear in the Small interface layout with custom scaling set to 125%.

All plug-ins:

  • Added support for the independent, open-source, modern CLAP plug-in format. Currently CLAP is supported by Bitwig and REAPER, with more hosts to follow.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause the interface to become larger or smaller each time a plug-in with a custom interface scaling setting was opened in Cubase or Nuendo on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug on macOS that could cause a plug-in to crash when used on an additional monitor with custom interface scaling.
  • Fixed a bug on macOS that caused incorrect interface scaling when graphics acceleration was disabled.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

The updated plug-ins are fully compatible with previous versions. The latest versions and 30-day trials are available for download now at www.fabfilter.com/download.

System requirements are either Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and a VST 2/3 or CLAP host, or Pro Tools, or macOS 10.13 or higher (64-bit only) with Intel or Apple Silicon processor, and an Audio Units host, CLAP or VST 2/3 host, or Pro Tools.

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